LACONI-RASS Meeting Minutes 05/16/2019 – Oak Park Public Library

  • Introductions and welcome to new members

  • Discussed the Official Checklist for Programs and reiterated what is expected for the subcommittee that is organizing one of the programs.

  • Treasurer’s Report: 
    • Account Balance is $7819.00
      • Before any proceeds/expenditures from the 05/16/2019 program

  • Secretary’s Report: 
    • Since the position will be open beginning with the 2019 term, went through the responsibilities of the Secretary position
    • Discussed possible changes to Surveys, as we are getting a lower percentage returned via Survey Monkey
      • Change questions? 
      • Additional methods for collecting responses: 
        • Paper Surveys in addition to the Online option?
    • Discussed finding out how other LACONI groups do their surveys
    • Discussed adding a ‘prize’ drawing for a free registration to a future LACONI-RASS event for those that fill out a survey

  • Election/Confirmation of Officers: 
    • President: Amy Hollis
    • Vice President: Mary Kay Akers-Stiff
    • Secretary: Kathleen Weiss
    • Treasurer Jez Layman

  • Evaluation of Recent Popular Topics: (Link to Program Statistics Spreadsheet)
    • Teen Programs (Always do 1 per year and these are always well attended)
    • Helping Homeless Patrons (Last done: 5/16/2018 at Oak Park)
    • Weeding Skills (Partner Program with RASSL/ Last done: 3/16/17 at RAILS Office Burr Ridge)
    • HR Topics: (Last Done: 9/24/2013, 5/1/2015 with LACONI-MMS, 10/15/2015)

  • Suggested Topics and potential speakers(Finalized Schedule follows below): Remember, speakers are chosen by the committee–you may use these suggestions as the committee sees fit, but feel free to expand/go outside of the suggested speakers list. 
    • Mary Kay shared that the LACONI Governing Board had gotten together and had decided to go to a program calendar year that was more in line with January to December rather than the current formation. 
      • Potential Program months are listed in the Finalized schedule section, but it is up to the current LACONI-RASS Board to confirm these dates. 


    • Underserved Populations/Emerging Services: 
      • Social Workers in the Library (various, Oak Park included)
      • Partnerships in the Community (Addison PL does well)
      • Intern Social Workers @ Forest Park Public LIbrary
      • Immigration Services/Public Aid Programs
      • Citizenship Classes
      • Virtual High School Programs

    • Understanding the Teen Brain
      • Niles-Maine PL had a speaker from Addison PL who was great
      • Sara Brunkhorst at Glenview PL has presented at Indian Trails 
      • NAMI for advice on helping at-risk Teens

    • Career and Business Programs
      • Forest Park PL is doing great work 
    • Oak Park PL has a strong program
      • Schaumburg Townships PL could be a speaker

    • Dealing with Professional Burn Out (will give a more positive spin in title/description!)
      • Customer Service/Empathy Fatigue
      • Library Wellness Efforts 
        • Skokie PL (maybe Leah White?)
        • Indian Trails PL (maybe Jenn Hovanec?)
        • Lake Villa PL (not sure who to ask)
      • Someone from ALA-APA Committee  to speak about Wellness in the Workplace and their Committee’s efforts
    • Career Development for Librarians
      • How to set personal and professional goals
      • Navigating your professional landscape
        • ILA peaker? Diane Foote, maybe?
      • Finding a Mentor
      • Positive Mentor/Mentee relationships

    • The Connection between Reference and Technology
      • Possible partnership with LACONI-TECH Section?
      • Assisting versus “doing it for me” tech help
      • Strategies for Tech Help
      • Liability for filling out forms/waivers
      • How to deal with “repeat offenders”

    • Civic Engagement/Global Citizenship
      • Skokie PL work with their community (Richard Kong?)
      • Arlington Heights Public Library
      • Indian Trails work with The Longest Table/Civic Spotlight Programs (Susan Dennison/Stavroula Harrissis)

    • E-Collection Management
      • Today’s “Core Collection” of databases
      • Essentials for your databases 
      • Promotion and Marketing
      • Digital Services
      • When to “Weed” your databases

  • Chosen Topics, Planning Committee Members, Potential Locations and Dates

    • The Teen Brain (February 2020)
      • Committee: Kathleen W., Jez L., Emily B. 
      • Potential Location: Niles-Main Public Library

    • Dealing with Professional Burnout (May 2020)
      • Committee: Christine D., Rashmi S., Alison L.
      • Potential Location: Oak Park Public Library

    • Civic Engagement/Global Citizenship (September 2020)
      • Committee: Amilcar P., Mary Kay A., Matt M. 
      • Potential Location: Indian Trails Public Library (Wheeling, IL)

    • E-Collection Management (November 2020)
      • Committee: Josephine T., Amy H., Jeanine L. 
      • Potential Location: Elmhurst Public Library

Annual RASS Planning Meeting

Oak Park Public Library

May 16, 2018

Present: Mary Kay Stiff, Emily Borsa, RoseAnn Vonesh, Matt Binder, Amy Hollis, Skye Lavin, and Haley Schommer. New members Laura Cohen, Jez Layman, Christine DeAlba and Jeannine Lau.

Introduction and welcome to new members.

Amy Hollis volunteered to be the next Vice President/President Elect.

Jez Layman volunteered to be the new Treasurer as Rose Ann will be stepping down from RASS this year and focus on her other LACONI involvement.

2018/19 Officers: 

  • President: Mary Kay Stiff (2 yr term)
  • Vice President: Amy Hollis ( 2 yr term)
  • Secretary: Jenn Hovanec (1 yr term/can repeat)
  • Treasurer: Jez Layman (1 yr term/can repeat)

Presidents Report:

  • Emily – Thank you to board and announced Mary Kay as the current President for the 2018/19 year (2 year term). Mary Kay and Emily reviewed the Program Checklist and what can be found on the Google drive.  Small edits to the checklist (W9 only required if speakers are being paid over $600, Refreshments are ordered through the Treasurer from Panera for ease the day of program, and Program Registrar responsibilities usually falls to the President/Vice President if attending and Treasurer to collect monies at the door if necessary).

Treasurer’s Report

  • We are in good shape at around 6k in the bank not including exspenses/payouts from today’s program.

Program planning:

Other possible venues volunteered for future programs Barrington, and Downers Grove.

Program Planning Our September program is already planned (rechedule from winter) and is tentatively on Thursday 9/13/18 at New Lenox Library and deals with local writers and creating a local author collection.

November program will be at Wheaton Public Library and will deal with libraries offering notary services. We are going to try to get someone from the Secretary of State to come speak as well as some libraries that offer these services to go over the ins and outs. Matt Binder and myself will be running this one along with new member Laura Cohen.

Feb/March program will tentatively be held at Elmhurst Public Library and will deal with other services that are offered at libraries that are not reference or RA such as exam proctoring, passports and tax aid. Mary Kay along with new members Jeanine Lau and Jez Layman will be working on that program.

May program is focused on Teens and tentatively at Oak Park Public Library. We are hoping to bring in speakers to talk about Teen Advisory Boards and Teen Pop Up Programming. This has the most people already on planning committee with Jenn Hovanec, Annetta Drilling, and new member Christine DeAlba.

New members Jason Pinshower and Kathleen Weiss will be contacted so they can choose a program to assist with.

New members will be added to the RASS website, contact list on Google drive, permissions for Google drive and an updated email list.

LACONI-RASS Planning Meeting Minutes 5.23.17

Hinsdale Public Library

Present: Matt Binder, Emily Borsa, Anneta Drilling-Sowa, Amy Hollis, Jennifer Hovanec, Skye Lavin, Chris Schabel, Hayley Schommer, Mary Kay Stiff, Rashmi Swain, RoseAnn Vonesh

New members welcomed: Matt Binder of Wheaton Public Library; Hayley Schommer of Barrington Area Library; Skye Lavin of Forest Park Public Library.

Mieko Landers stepping down from Secretary position mid-term because she has started a new job in a different facet of librarianship. Nominations for open board member position of Secretary were taken,  and Jennifer Hovanec was voted in. Board 2017 is:

      • President: Emily Borsa (2nd year of 2-year term)
      • Vice President/President Elect: Mary Kay Stiff (2nd year of 2-year term)
      • Treasurer: RoseAnn Vonesh
    • Secretary: Jennifer Hovanec

President’s Report

Emily distributed copies of proposed changes for RASS bylaws, in Article IV, Advisory Board; Article V, Meetings; Article VII, Duties of Officers; and Article X, Finances. Emily reminded program committee members to let her know if they are not able to fulfill their duties for the program, or if they need extra help with a program. This year, 2-3 people plan to work on each program. Emily distributed feedback from past programs, and spreadsheet of past program details. Emily noted that programs in OPP section cost $20/$30, and asked the group what we thought about raising our current fee structure of $15/$25. (We have since decided to keep it at $15/$25.)

Treasurer’s Report

Laconi membership dues in the amount of $1,300 from 2017 were sent to Roseann by Kevin Meadows recently. Current RASS funds are now at $3,678.23. Emily asked whether we could get a debit card to ease process of program food purchases — all purchases would be made on the card, so officers would not need to be reimbursed. Roseann will check in with Chase bank to see whether this is possible. Roseann asked if anyone would like to be trained as backup for Treasurer’s duties.

Review of Program Checklist

Mary Kay reviewed the document “Official Program Checklist” and spoke about program coordinator roles. Updates were proposed and made to “After the Program” duties to indicate that the Secretary does the thank you notes and evaluations.

2017-2018 Programs

Who Staffs Our Desks?

    • September 14 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 am
    • Location: Wheaton Public Library
  • Committee: Jennifer, Matt

Take Your Blinders Off: Teen RA for Adult Services Librarians

    • November 16 @ 9:30-12:30
    • Location: Barrington Area Library
  • Committee: Emily, Hayley, Anneta

Local Authors / Creative Writing program (title TBA)

    • February ? (exact date TBA) @ 9:30-12:30
    • Location: New Lenox Public Library
  • Committee: Amy, Skye, Diane

Working with Homeless Populations

    • May 16 @ 9:30-12:30
    • Location: Oak Park Public Library
  • Committee: Rashmi, Mary Kay, Chris

LACONI-RASS Planning Meeting Minutes 5.25.16

Hinsdale Public Library

Present: Mary Kay Akers, Emily Borsa, Anneta Drilling-Sowa, Mieko Fujiura-Landers, Jennifer Hovanec, Amy Ingalls, Chris Schabel, Rashmi Swain, Suzanne Wulf

We reviewed the Bylaws for RASS and made updates to Article VII, Duties of Officers.

Nominations for open board member positions were taken and new board members were voted in:

      • President: Emily Borsa
      • Vice President/President Elect: Mary Kay Akers
      • Treasurer: RoseAnn Vonesh
    • Secretary: Mieko Fujiura-Landers

Past President’s Report, Suzy Wulf

Suzy recently attended the all-section LACONI meeting. Funds are being distributed to the LACONI sections differently than in the past. Due to this change, RASS currently has roughly $300 for programming in order keep a minimum balance of $1,500 in our bank account. We also reviewed the RASS program checklist (previously shared through Google Drive).

The section reviewed attendance statistics from programs from the past three years, feedback from the May 17th program, “Readers’ Advisory – Bridging the Physical/Virtual Divide,” and program suggestions from attendees before brainstorming ideas for the 2016-2017 session.

2016-2017 Programming

    • Since we need to keep a balance of $1,500 in the bank account, so we currently have roughly $300 to play with.
    • We reviewed the RASS programming checklist.  Also looked at statistics from past programs along with feedback and program ideas submitted by attendees.
  • 2016-2017 programs and committees:
    • Engaging Teen Programs Showcase
      September 29 @ 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Possible location: Oak Park Public Library

Committee: Amy, Mary Kay (Chris as needed)

  • Security In An Unsecure World
    November 3 @ 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Possible location: Joliet Public Library – Black Road Branch

Committee: Chris, Annetta

  • Collection Management and Weeding Trends
    March 16, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Possible location: Elmhurst Public Library/Bensenville

Committee: Emily, Rashmi, Mieko

  • Passive Readers’ Advisory: Training and Execution
    May 18, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Possible location: Indian Trails Public Library

Committee: Jen, Suzy

Committee members should contact possible presenters and host libraries and send all information to Mary Kay 8 weeks before the program date at the very latest so she can enter it into Eventbrite.

LACONI-RASS Planning Meeting Minutes 5.13.15

Board members in attendance:
Suzy Wulf – President
Roseanne Vonesh – Treasurer
Mary Kay Akers – Secretary
Rashmi Swain
Anetta Drilling
Chris Schabel
(Emily Borsa, VP, was not in attendance)
(No past president serving this year.)

Introductions of current members around the table.

President’s Report, Suzy Wulf
Overview of past year’s programs. Most successful with highest numbers – the joint program with LACONI Middle Manager’s Section (Jamie LaRue). Program with the fewest numbers – Moving and Shaking up the Library Ladder w/ ALA Movers and Shakers. This program was great, reason for low attendance may have been that tech-related programs are given higher priority than programs on professional development. As we move forward with this year’s programs, it is crucial to be let in to the hosting library by 8:30 to set up for events that begin at 9:30. This could be possible if we identify a staff member to be there to let us in. Another solution would be to ask the hosting library to set up food for us. 10:00 am start time was proposed as well.

Treasurer’s Report, Roseann Vonesh
We have $2,899 in funds as of now. (An additional $1,670 is forthcoming from last year’s dues, via Laconi Admin. We are not sure when these will come through.)

Other programming numbers:
$15 – the amount we charge per event
$1,595 – last year’s programming revenue
$3,088 – amount spent from budget on programming last year

Other Notes:

● Discussion about procedure for program mailing lists included comparison between Mail Chimp and Eventbrite. Eventbrite caps the contacts at 250 per day which means we have to send out duplicate event notices, whereas Mail Chimp has no such limit.

● Events due dates — We are to get all event notices to Emily Borsa two months ahead of the program date. She will coordinate mailing list and posting on L2 (RAILS).

● Reimbursement receipts — should be scanned electronically and emailed to Roseann Vonesh, who will submit them to the Laconi Admin section for reimbursement. Emails to Roseann should include mailing address for reimbursement check.

● Compensation for speakers — speakers must fill out a W-9 in advance to receive the optional stipend, to be coordinated by the speaker liaison for that event.

● Term for VP was discussed. This is Suzy’s second and last year as President. Next year, Emily Borsa will serve as President and Suzy Wulf will serve as Past President.

Next Year’s Programs:

“Negotiating for Content with Database Vendors” with Michael Grunberg
“Multiple Platform Management” with a panel TBD.
Location: Morton Grove or another location on the north side.
Assigned Board Members: George Kalinka, Suzy Wulf, Rosann Vonesh
Event Notes due to Emily by July 1.

“User Experience” with Aaron Schmidt and/or a panel
Location: Aurora
Assigned Board Members: Chris Schabel, Anetta Drilling
Event Notes due to Emily by September 1.

Teen Program TBD
Location: CPL
Assigned Board Members: Karen & Michelle
Event Notes due to Emily by November 1.

“RA for Everyone”
Location: Glen Ellyn
Assigned Board Members: Mary Kay Akers, Emily Borsa, Rashmi Swain
Event Notes due to Emily by March 1.

LACONI- RASS Planning Meeting Minutes July 14, 2014

Board members in attendance:
Suzy Wulf -President
Pilar Shaker –Past President
Emily Borsa -Secretary
Roseanne Vouesh -Treasurer
Rashami Swain
Nichole Wilhelms

Visitors/Prospective board members:
Kate Buckson –Westmont Public Librarly
Karen Kleeman –Westmont Public Library
Linda J. Caruso –South Holland Public Library
George Kalinka –Woodridge Public Library
Betty Giorgi –Wilmette Public Library
Phil Skeltis – Palantine Public Library

President’s Report, Suzy Wulf

1. General overview of the RASS section, our programs, and our goal to include some more programming addressing teens/teen librarians. Included that we plan a lunch after the programs to take the speakers out and for the advisory board to check in. Invitations for programs go out 6 weeks prior to program (preferable), or 4 weeks prior. The Secretary sends out the invitations.

2. Introductions of current and prospective members.

Treasurer’s Report, Roseann Vonesh
We have about $5,000 in the current budget.

Past president Pilar Shaker
Overview of LACONI Admin Section, the 501(c)(3) process LACONI is undertaking and the combining of all groups into one bank account. While the Admin section does programming for Library Administrators, they also have taken over the role of administration for the LACONI groups. They are working with lawyers and financial advisors to have LACONI approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and also to get all of our finances centrally located. Details for the finances are still being worked out.

Program Planning:

Ideas from the previous meeting included:
Possible Field trip to College of Dupage
Thinking Outside the Box – Steaming Media Panel with new ideas
Moving & Shaking Your Career – Panel of past Movers & Shakers
Panel for teen services – TBA

Suzy and Pilar went over our program checklist. Also discussed was library locations and how it is best to spread them out over the –4 programs for attendance purposes.

Programs that were decided upon:

Thinking Outside the Box – Steaming Media Panel with new ideas
-Rashami, George, and Suzy
-Tentative date: 9/30/14 -Tuesday
-Tentative location: Naperville Public
-Possible speakers: Mary Kay Ackers from Glen Ellyn and Ann Stovall

Moving & Shaking Your Career – Panel of past Movers & Shakers
-Emily and Pilar
-Tentative date: 11/13/14 –Thursday
-Tentative location: Schaumburg Public
-Possible speakers: Rebecca Vnuk, Monica Harris, Lea White

Panel for Teen services – TBA
-Nicole, Karen and Pilar
-Tentative date: 2/26/15 -Thursday
-Tentative location: Gail Borden or Barrington Library

Co-Sponsor program with the Middle Mgmt section

LACONI-RASS Annual Meeting Minutes,                   June 3, 2014

Attendees:  Emily Borsa, Suzy Deucher, Pilar Shaker, Rashmi Swain, Nicole Wilhelms

President’s Report, Pilar Shaker

1. Pilar described LACONI-RASS program requirements and logistics:

The group is required to organize 4 programs, oriented towards Reference services, annually.

    The programs are usually held in September, November, February and May.

Programs have been held on Fridays, although other days are possible and may result in better attendance.

The 4th program is traditionally a library visit.

The normal program schedule is a ½ day meeting. It consists of a 9:30 meet & greet, 10:00 to 11:30 program, 11:30 to 12:00 question & answer.

Members are charged $15; non-members are charged $25.

                There are 3 main tasks and point persons on each program;

The program contact person; serves as the organizer and the liaison between the presenter, the LACONI-RASS board.

The library liaison arranges for the meeting space and all other set-up requirements.


The Secretary creates and sends invitations/program announcements to the membership, and other organizations if desired, using Eventbrite and Mail Chimp.

2. Pilar serves as the LACONI-RASS web liaison, posting scheduled programs and other news on the LACONI website.

3. All LACONI groups have been encouraged to spend their available funds on programs.

4. The Bylaws will be changed to reflect a vote to shorten the officer’s term to 1year to read: “officers will be elected for a 1 year term”

5. Pilar will attend a LACONI Financial Summit meeting on Thursday, June 5th. This is a meeting in response to LACONI’s new official 501 status, an auditor and lawyer will be present to instruct LACONI board members on how to handle their finances in a way that is more legally sound.

Treasurer’s Report, Roseann Vonesh (via email)

There is $3,449.24 balance in the LACONI-RASS account. Another cash infusion is expected from the LACONI-ADMIN section.

Voting –

Suzy Deucher was voted in as President, RoseAnn Vonesh was voted in as Treasurer, and Emily Borsa was voted in as Secretary. Pilar Shaker will become Past President and will continue on as Web Liaison.

2014/2015 Program Thoughts

Suzy will lead a formal planning meeting for Monday, July 14th at Hinsdale Public Library at 2pm. Some program ideas discussed include:

·         Streaming media panel – Roku

·         “moving and shaking your career” – Panel with Movers and Shakers who can give advice about moving up through the library ranks

·         Pilar and Nicole will work on a program featuring a panel discussing tween services

·         Field Trip visit ideas included Community College (COD), The Theosophical library in Wheaton, Museum of some sort

Misc Agenda Items


·         Suzy will send an email out to our mailing list inquiring about new members and invite interested parties to the July planning meeting

·         Pilar will update the website to reflect new officers and type up the minutes

LACONI-RASS Annual Meeting Minutes                                                  June 6, 2013

Attendees:  Emily Borsa, Suzy Deucher, Lynette Pitrak,  Terry Ratoff, Julie Roberts, Pilar Shaker, Kathryn Sofianos, Roseann Vonesh, Nicole WIlhelms

President’s Report, Pilar Shaker

1. Pilar described LACONI-RASS program requirements and logistics:

The group is required to organize 4 programs, oriented towards Reference services, annually.

    The programs are usually held in September, November, February and May.

Programs have been held on Fridays, although other days are possible and may result in better attendance.

The 4th program is traditionally a library visit.

The normal program schedule is a ½ day meeting. It consists of a 9:30 meet & greet, 10:00 to 11:30 program, 11:30 to 12:00 question & answer.

Members are charged $15; non-members are charged $25.


2. Pilar serves as the LACONI-RASS web liaison, posting scheduled programs and other news on the LACONI website.

3. All LACONI groups have been encouraged to spend their available funds on programs.

4. The By-laws will be changed to reflect reality to read: “officers will be elected for a 2 year term” removing all references to alternate year elections.

Treasurer’s Report, Roseann Vonesh

Roseann distributed a treasurer’s report. There is $3,798 balance in the LACONI-RASS account, after large expenditures for the joint LACONI-TECH program and deposits for dues and fees. Another cash infusion is expected from the LACONI-ADMIN section following their banquet.

Secretary’s Report, Terry Ratoff

1. Terry described the benefits of switching from Constant Contact to Eventbrite to manage program invitations and attendance.  Eventbrite allows the use of credit cards for registration (for a fee, which will be absorbed by LACONI), and is integrated not only with the LACONI website but with Survey Monkey, which allows a follow-up with attendees to see what they thought of the program.

2. Events are created in 2 steps, first on the LACONI website and then on Eventbrite. A handout created by Toby Greenwalt was distributed describing the particulars. Logins and passwords are needed, and Terry and Pilar have access to them.

Vice President’s Report, Kathryn Sofianos

Kathryn reported the results of the LACONI Officer’s meeting.

1. There is quite a bit of money in the LACONI budget; each section will get $330 from ADMIN. Sections are encouraged to spend their money on programs.

2. The annual LACONI salary survey, which is filled out by Library Directors, will be done by Innovation Experts. The data will be as of Fall, 2012.

3. A LACONI middle managers group is being considered. A recent event went positively; managers found it helpful. The Admin section will make a decision about this new group.

4. LACONI programs should be publicized on L2, RAILS, LinkedIn, Twitter, e-mail blasts and other social media venues, to draw as wide an audience as possible.

5. The new head of LACONI –ADMIN is G. Kevin Davis.

6. The Circulation and Outreach groups have tentatively scheduled their 2013/2014 programs.

Circulation: Sept. 19: Privacy, Nov. 21: Technology, March 20: Health, May 9: Reaching Forward

Outreach: Sept 27 or Oct. 4: Revamping Online presence, Dec. 6: programming nuts and bolts, Feb. 28: Travel, May 16: Best of the Best.

7. LACONI-RASS suggests that LACONI host an event at ILA.

2013/2014 Programs

1. Fall: Digital Copyright Issues. Pilar Shake will contact Mary Minow to be the speaker. The program will be held either in September or November, depending on the speaker’s availability.  It will be held at Burr Ridge Public Library.

2. February:  World Book Night, in depth. Kathryn Sofianos will find and contact speaker. Date to be determined, but prior to World Book Night.  To be held at Bolingbrook or Fountaindale Public Library.

3. Spring: Strategic Planning for Teens. Possible joint program with YS. Nicole Wilhelms will find an appropriate speaker or panel. The program will be held at Arlington Heights Public Library (the Hub) or another library with a new flashy teen space.  March/April? Date and location to be determined.

4. May: Legal Reference/Legal Library Tour. Either May 22 or May 29 at Skokie Public Library, with lunch and then possibly tour Cook County Law Library. Terry Ratoff will look for speakers and investigate Law Libraries to tour.

Other program responsibilities to be finalized as dates/speakers/places resolve.

2012 LACONI-RASS Annual Meeting
Friday, July 27, 2012
Hinsdale Public Library Storytime Room
2:30 p.m.


In attendance: Michaela Haberkern, Terry Ratoff, Julie Roberts, Pilar Shaker, Kathryn Sofianos, Claire Steiner, RoseAnn Vonesh, Debra Wordinger

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

II. Officer’s Reports

a. President’s Report-Michaela Haberkern

  • LACONI-RASS held four programs in 2011-2012: September 2011 How Libraries Beat Redbox and Netflix at the Glenview Public Library, November 2011 Chicago Underground Library at the Oak Park Public Library, February 2012 Creating Customer Experiences at Harold Washington Library Center, May 2012 Pritzker Military Library visit.
  • Many, many thanks to Carol Roza, a longtime LACONI-RASS advisory board member and officer and our most recent treasurer.  Carol resigned from the LACONI-RASS advisory board concurrent with her retirement from Chicago Public Library on June 30, 2012.
  • Thanks also to Stacy Cisneros who is resigning from the LACONI-RASS advisory board in order to concentrate on her work with the Adult Reading Round Table.
  • Thank you, Diane Srebro, who resigned from the LACONI-RASS advisory board earlier this year.

b. Treasurer’s Report-Michaela Haberkern

  • Statement balance 4/30/12 $2904.40
  • $1,500.00 was disbursed from the administrator’s section from members
  • $1,165.00 was collected from program attendees
  • $387.37 was expended on refreshments.
  • $900.00 was expended on speaker fees.
  • $314.06 was expended on promotions (Constant Contact).  We are currently sharing an account with the new Technology section.

c. Secretary’s Report-no report

III. Election of New Officers

  • All new officers volunteered to serve and were elected unanimously by all present.
  • Pilar Shaker-President
  • Kathryn Sofianos-Vice President/President Elect
  • RoseAnn Vonesh-Treasurer
  • Terry Ratoff-Secretary

IV. New Business

  1. The following programs were proposed for 2012-2013.  Titles are tentative.  Terry Ratoff as secretary will handle promotions with assistance as requested.

September 14th : Making the Most of Your Off-Desk Times

Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library

Pialr will organize speakers

Claire will be the library liaison and handle refreshments

November 9th :  How Libraries are Helping Job Seekers
Skokie Public Library

Claire and Terry will recruit speakers

Terry will be the library liaison and handle refreshments

February 22: Collaborative Makerspace program with Technology section

Harold Washington Library Center

Pilar will organize a speaker and will ask for help with booking the room and refreshments

May 3rd, 10th: Library, Archive, Museum visit

Poetry Foundation, U of C Mansueto Library, The Pumping Station (a makerspace), Workshop 88 (a hackerspace) were all discussed.  The group will be in communication closer to time to decide.

V. Old Business

  • Michaela suggested that the new officers consider revising the bylaws, which still have reference to long-defunct library systems and outmoded tasks.

VI. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

LACONI-RASS Planning Meeting

June 23, 2011
Hinsdale Public Library

In attendance :  Michaela Haberkern, Pilar Shaker, RoseAnn Vonesh, Kathryn Sofianos, and Terri Ratoff.  Carol Roza, Julie Roberts, Stacey Cisneros, Jill Franklin, and Diane Srebro were unable to attend.

Leigh Tarullo of Oak Park Public Library has volunteered to join the board but was unable to attend.

2011-2012 Programs

September 16:  Debbie Wordinger from Indian Prairie Public Library submitted a program proposal on the topic of film advisory and the group accepted.  Venue: Glenview Public Library if available. Michaela will work with the presenter and the library; Pilar and Terry will handle refreshments; Terry will be the registrar for the event.

November 4:  Pilar proposed we work with the Chicago Underground Library.  Venue: Oak Park Public Library.  Pilar will work with the speaker; RoseAnn will handle the arrangements at the library; Kathryn will manage refreshments; Michaela will be the registrar.

February 3 or 24:  a customer service program, perhaps a panel discussion featuring representatives from Trader Joe’s, Nordstroms, Whole Foods, Disney. Venue: Harold Washington Library Center.  Kathryn will arrange for the speakers; Carol will reserve the room and do the refreshments; we still need a volunteer for registration.

May 11 (tentative):  a visit to the Pritzker Library or the Newberry.  Leigh will work on this with RoseAnn.

We discussed the need for a good evaluation for our programs; Terry Ratoff volunteered to work on that.

Laconi Officer’s Meeting (all sections), is scheduled for Thursday, August 18, at 10:00am at the Helen Plum Memorial Library.

LACONI-RASS Planning Meeting
June 16, 2010
Hinsdale Public Library

Attendees:  Toby Greenwalt, Michaela Haberkern, Julie A. Roberts, Carol Roza, Pilar Garcia Shaker, and RoseAnn Vonesh.  Stacey Cisneros, Jill Franklin, and Diane Srebro were unable to attend.

Michaela introduced Pilar Garcia Shaker, who is a reference librarian at Hinsdale Public Library, and a new member of the Board.

Election of Officers: The Board for 2010-2011 is now:  Michaela Haberkern – President, open-VP & President Elect,  Carol Roza – Treasurer, and Julie A. Roberts – Secretary.

2010-2011 Programs

September :  a panel of discussing “Dewey and Beyond” or  “Dewey or not?” Michaela and RoseAnn will contact possible speakers.  Venue: Oak Park Public Library.

November:  Jennifer Babcock from Trump Entertainment, at the Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin. Pilar and Julie are working on this.

February:  ebooks and copyright at the Harold Washington Library Center. Toby and Carol are working on this.

May:  a visit to the Chicago History Museum, tentative.  Carol  will follow up on this.

Discussion Items:

Michaela brought up some new changes, as discussed at the Laconi officer’s meeting on Friday, March 5, 2010 at the Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library:

  • LACONI (all sections) is now offering Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU). Info is on the website.
  • A uniform pricing structure for programs was decided. Half-day programs will be $15 for members with lunch at their own expense. Non-members and “at the door” registrations will be $25. Full-day programs will be $30 for members and $40 for non-members and “at the door.”  Full-day programs will include lunch in the fee. If a section chooses to coordinate lunch for a half-day program the cost will be passed on to participants as a fee in addition to the $15/25 standard fee.  There may be further discussion of this.
  • All sections will also do  4 programs a year, instead of 3.

Michaela and RoseAnn will work on updating program checklist information.

Michaela got a 60 day trial of Constant Contact, an electronic notification system that we may use for membership emails and program registrations, along with surveys.  It is $30 for a year.  We also are considering just going with electronic notification and stopping paper flyers/mailings.

Laconi Officer’s Meeting (all sections), is scheduled for Friday, August 6, at 10:00am at the Downer’s Grove Public Library.

Submitted by Julie A. Roberts, Secretary