October 27, 2017
Mount Prospect Public Library
Jen A., Kim, Melissa, Stephanie, Mimosa, Dawn, Jen C.

Community Engagement Program

  • Why community engagement?
  • Why are libraries spending more time and energy thinking about community engagement?
  • What has changed in the landscape or understanding/interpretation of your institutional mission that is leading to an increased focus on community engagement?
  • Basically why, and why now?
  • What is the difference between engagement and outreach?

THREE frameworks or concepts for thinking about community engagement:

  • Anchor Institutions
  • Asset Based Community Development
  • Collective Impact

Very successful

Treasurer Update

  • We broke even on the last program
  • We currently have $6,154.09 to spend on programs in the next year

All Sections Meeting

  • Melissa will attend
  • No major issues to discuss from OPP

Website Postings

  • Melissa is getting everything up on the website when necessary
  • Kim is back from maternity leave and will resume her role as Secretary

Upcoming Programs

  • Jen C. mentioned not having all the dates decided at once – too hard to commit to
  • Group decided “seasonal” was a good starting point

January 2018 – Still having the Large scale programs event. Team: Kate, Jen C., Kim. At Elmhurst Library?

April 2018 – Community Engagement Follow Up program. Team: Mimosa, Dawn, Steph. At Joliet Library?

July/August 2018 – Communications Plans – From Novice to Expert. Team: Karen, Melissa, Jen C. At Venue?

Early November 2018- Passive Displays and Engagement. Team: Kate, Steph, Mimosa. At Gale Borden?

# # #

July 28, 2017
Schaumburg Township District Library
Present: Molly Castor, Jennifer Czajka, Stephanie Driscoll, Melissa Fischer, Kate Niehoff, Dawn Ritter, Mimosa Shah

Welcome to new board members! (Stephanie, Kate, Dawn, Mimosa)

  • Who’s who?
  • We appreciate you!

LACONI-OPP overview (Melissa)

  • Vision for organization
  • Past program examples
  • Provided access to all documents, passwords, google drive folder, etc.

Review roles

  • Officer roles will NOT have programming responsibilities unless hosting a specific event at their library or wanting to participate on a committee.
  • Programming checklist – complete and send to Secretary to communicate.
  • Term expirations – ie: we all have them when joining. At expiration time, you can choose to resign or remain on.

Treasury update

  • Maternity leave procedures – VP Jennifer A. will manage in Molly’s absence.

2018 program committees & dates

  • Updated 2017 remaining program planning is as follows.
  • Community Engagement Models with Kelly Benkert
    Possible dates: Friday, September 22 or Friday, September 29
    Location: Schaumburg Public Library
    Committee: Jennifer C., Jennifer A.
  • Large Scale All-Ages Events
    Friday, October 27
    Possible locations: Naperville, Woodridge, Darien, Bolingbrook, Wheaton, Aurora?
    Committee: Jennifer C., Kate, Kim
  • Program detail checklists should be sent to Melissa to update and distribute while Secretary Kim is on maternity leave.
  • 2018 dates & committees will be set after one of our fall events.

Lunch, noon at Seasons 52!

  • To thank long-time OPP board member Jill Derkits (Elk Grove Village) for her service!
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July 29, 2016
Homewood Public Library
Present: Molly Coleman Castor, Melissa Doornbos, Karen McBride, Jill Derkits, Jennifer Amling, Jennifer Czajka, Kim Calkins

Treasurer update:
We are good. Breaking even each program.
Evaluations recap, from April’s BOB
  • Majority of them were positive
  • Some people thought that the performers were too similar to last time.
  • Should we not charge for the showcase? Or not do the showcase every year?
  • Include more trending programs, often hands on and staff led. More outside the box ideas.
  • Still want a lunch.
  • 17% were new attendees.
  • Could there be partnership with another section? Admin, middle managers?
  • Does BOB need to have a specific theme? Friday, October 28 will be free and low cost BOB. Perhaps it should be half panel discussion, half showcase.
  • Maybe talking with Ashley from Barrington and Joe from Mount Prospect about talking about partnerships and community engagement.

Melissa will ask Amita to transfer Google doc ownership. Done.

New Board Member

  • Recommendation of Kate Niehoff from Jennifer C.
  • Jennifer A – Create a document to give board member ideas in Google. Done.
  • All Board members add suggestions to it by September 2 ***DONE?
Program planning committees:
Completed checklist needs to be submitted to Secretary (currently Kim Calkins) 7 weeks before the program date.
  • Checklist is in Google Drive folder and should be completed in its entirety, including evaluation questions for afterwards.
  • Here are the 2016 committees, mark your calendars accordingly for 6 weeks prior to the program.

Friday, January 27, 2017
Committee: Molly, Jennifer A.

Friday, April 28, 2017
Theme: Technology panel?
Committee: Melissa, Karen

Friday, July 28, 2017
Theme: Tom of Bossman Graphics again?
Location: North? Mount Prospect?
Committee: Jennifer C., Jennifer A.

Friday, October 27. 2017
Theme: Programming??
Location: Elmhurst?
Committee: Jennifer C., Jill
No postcard with dates, maybe just good contact information.
Future topic ideas:
  • Click Studios doing Hinsdale Library website, maybe they could present?
  • Social media
  • Programming
  • Communicating your message
  • Technology
  • Graphic design with Tom again

# # #


January 29, 2016
Elk Grove Village Public Library
Present: Molly Coleman Castor, Melissa Doornbos, Karen McBride, Debby Preiser, Jill Derkits, Jennifer Amling

Treasurer update:
Each section has its own account and its own checkbook.
We need to maintain $1,000 at all times. Molly will monitor.
Give receipts to Molly after each program, or she can call ahead with card number.
Always use a contract for presenters
  • There’s one in our Google Drive folder to use or base one off of
  • Send to Molly with completed W/9 form if payment is more than $600 per year
Program planning committees:
Completed checklist needs to be submitted to Secretary (currently Melissa) no later than 6 weeks before the program date.
  • Checklist is in Google Drive folder and should be completed in its entirety, including evaluation questions for afterwards.
  • Here are the 2016 committees, mark your calendars accordingly for 6 weeks prior to the program.

April 29
Theme: Best of the Best Presenter Showcase
Location: Skokie Public Library
Committee: Amita, Karen, Debby

July 29
Theme: Outreach?
Location: Homewood
Committee: Molly, Jill

October 28
Theme: Best of the Best Presenter Showcase – Featuring free/low cost programs
Location: Joliet Public Library
Committee: Melissa, Debby, Karen

Updated responsibilities for OPP officers:

Liaison to admin section
Attend all board meetings and public programs
Coordinate & facilitate 2 board meetings annually

Vice President
Update by-laws annually
Take and post minutes from all board meetings
Maintain communication among board trustees

Manage registration for all public events
Coordinate management of financial records; liaison to Admin Treasurer
Ensure payment to all appropriate vendors and speakers

Manage member communication (email, website, print promo materials, etc.)
Send evaluations to program attendees, share results with program committee

Best of the Best Website Coordinator
Manage incoming recommendation to the database
Oversee regular content clean up (old emails, low star ratings, etc.)
Oversee campaign & logistics to solicit new content
Individual program committees
Complete programming checklist and send to secretary 6 weeks prior to event
Liaison to library hosting the event
Attend, setup, and introduce planned program
Analyze program evaluations

Board Roles and New Members
Melissa Doornbos, President (2018)
Jennifer Amling, Vice President (2017)
Molly Coleman, Treasurer (2018)
TBD, Secretary (2019)
Karen McBride, Best of the Best Database Coordinator (2018)
Debby Preiser, member (2017)
Jill Derkits, member (2018)
Amita Lonial, member (2017)
TBD, member (2019)
*Melissa will call and offer secretary and at-large member roles to two applicants by February 15.

Decided: Hosting libraries do not need to register (ie: pay) for the program they’re hosting. They DO need to communicate with the program liaison (LACONI-OPP planning committee member) how many staff will be attending.
Next Board meeting: July 29. (Molly & Jill will confirm with Homewood that we can meet somewhere after the program.)



August 20, 2015
Hinsdale Public Library
Present: Molly Coleman Castor, Melissa Doornbos, Amita Lonial, Karen McBride, Debby Preiser, Jill Derkits, Jennifer Amling

Treasury Report:

  • Molly Coleman Castor will transition from serving as co-president to serving as Treasurer
  • Currently have $7,397 in funds. Goal is to have under $5,000 by December 31st (end of FY). With Ben Bizzle event we are on track to meeting this goal
  • Made almost $1,000 from Best of the Best. Discussed strategies for ensuring we are spending what we intake year to year.
  • Our section charges slightly more for events – $20/$30 as opposed to $15/$25. After Ben Bizzle event we will evaluate which payscale to go with (discussed that the $20/30 scale is easier to deal with at the door re: change).
  • Reviewed process for paying for events.
    • For paying presenters we can submit a check request to Kevin Meadows, Admin Treasurer, to have a check mailed to the presenter or mailed to us to give to the presenter the day of the event
    • For materials (breakfast, lunch, water) board members are fronting money from their own pocket at getting reimbursed. Usually takes about 1 week to get reimbursed.
    • TBD – LACONI is looking into providing checks to all the section Treasurers to be able to issue checks/reimbursement quickly.

Other notes from the all-sections meeting:

  • Term limits. Recommended that Treasurers serve a 3 year term limit and for those term limits to be staggered with other sections. Other term limits are 2 years and should also be staggered. All term expirations have been added to LACONI.net
  • LACONI will be creating an all-sections governing board made up of representatives from all the sections. VP for OPP will serve as the liaison to the governing board.
  • Not all sections are currently solvent (Admin, Youth). Unclear how this will affect other sections.
  • LACONI would like to update the website. Also interested in providing video content for programs (live stream, recorded and uploaded, etc.)
  • Eventbrite lowered our email sending threshold due to bouncing email addresses – we are looking to get reinstated.

Board Roles and New Members

  • Seeking 2 members: Secretary and an at-large member
  • Reviewed responsibilities of secretary position (emails, updating website, taking meeting notes, surveys, etc). Lots of responsibility, need tech savvy skills
  • Interested in having representation from southern libraries
  • Amita will update the application form and create a cover letter to send out
  • Melissa will send this out and post link on the LACONI.net so we can solicit interest on an on-going basis

2016 Planning

  • Reviewed planning documents available in Google Forms



  • Will solicit BoB nominations in January (Karen, Debby)
  • Reviewed Ben Bizzle event details. No lunch provided. Breakfast catered from nearby. Registration opens today!
  • All to send Jill/Molly one name suggestion for July 2016 program by August 28
  • Melissa to send Jennifer all 2016 details by September 9 for postcard printing