Program Handouts

LACONI TSS Welcome brochure 2020 (about us)

2020-07-15 Tech Services & COVID-19 part 2 video

2020-06-19 Tech Services & COVID-19 video

2020-05-22 Tech Services & COVID-19 video Survey Results

2020-05-07 Tech Services & COVID-19 video

2020-04-24 Tech Services & COVID-19 Notes

2020-04-09 Tech Services & COVID-19 Notes Chat Sessions

2019-03-08 Introduction to Authority Control Paul Frank’s Introduction LACONI Authority Control

Disaster Preparedness and Post-Disaster Clean-Up ILA Reporter Article and When Disaster Strikes Polygon and Conservation Center

2018-11-2 21st Century Cataloging Controlled Vocabulary & Genres and OLAC Video Game Genre Vocabulary and RDA Toolkit 2018-11-01??and Subject headings?and RDA/Marc 21

2018-09-21 Cataloging Unconference? Ethics of Cataloging Cataloging Decisions with Connexion Client? MarcEdit for LACONI 2018?? Sample record files

2018-05-18 Cataloging Non-Traditional Items ContentMediaCarrierTypes LACONI_BibliographicRecords LACONI_Cataloging_NonTraditional_Answers

2018-03-01 Technical Services Workflow Collection Services Workflow in a Small Library (La Grange) and Technical Services Workflow (Lisle) and TS WORKFLOW FINAL (Naperville)

2017-11-10: Resources for CatalogersWeb Resources for Catalogers & Bibliography Resources for Catalogers & NACO-Catalogers Desktop PowerPoint

2017-09-14: Anatomy of a MARC Record with Catherine Suchy — Anatomy of a MARC Record Handout?Anatomy of a MARC record PowerPoint

2017-05-19: RDA Serials Cataloging with Steve Shadle — Workshops PDF workbook

2017-03-03: Do you Dewey? We Do! with Caroline Saccucci — Program Presentation Slides & Program Exercise Worksheet

2016-09-16: Basic Cataloging Boot Camp with Karen Snow — Handouts & Handouts with Answers for Parts 1 & 3

2016-05-12: Cataloging Boot Camp for A/V with Bobby Bothmann — RDA 3-D Objects Games Kits Materials RDA Audio Recordings RDA Moving Images RDA Video Games

2015-09-11: Cataloging Fundamentals Speaker Notes?Cataloging Examples