Reference/Adult Services Section

Article I

The name of this organization shall be LACONI RASS. (Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois, Reference and Adult Services Section)

Article II

The purpose of the RASS is continuing education, professional development, networking, and interaction with colleagues.

Article III

Section One: Membership in LACONI is by institution. LACONI Members and their staff may attend RASS meetings. Personal memberships are also available.

Section Two: The geographic area served by LACONI includes the Chicago Public Library System and Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS).

Section Three: Fees for membership are set by the LACONI Administrators section. No pro-rated memberships are allowed.

Article IV
Advisory Board

Section One: Membership The Advisory Board of the RASS will consist of the President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary/ Treasurer and any representative from any of the library systems that make up the LACONI.

Section Two: Term of Office. The Officers of the Advisory Board will serve their mandated terms. The Library System Representatives will serve a term of one year.

Section Three: Voting. A simple majority of the voting members of the Advisory Board constitutes a quorum. Approval of actions and decisions requires a simple majority vote of the quorum.

Section Four: Attendance. Advisory Board meetings are open meetings. If any member of the Advisory Board fails to attend two consecutive meetings, Board or Membership, without notification, the Board will request the member to resign. The President may or may not appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of the term.

Section Five: Committees. Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the President from members of the Advisory Board. All Board Members will serve on a committee. The committees shall be: Program Committees; Others as needed. Any member of RASS may serve on a committee.

Section Six: Committee Duties. The Program Committees usually have a minimum of 2 members working on each of the programs. These members will: secure a speaker; find a library to host the program; prepare and disseminate program advertisements and registration forms; arrange food options at the program; receive registrations for program/lunch; handle registration at program: name tags, sign-in sheet, evaluation forms; write thank you notes to the speaker(s) and the host library. The members will decide how to divide up the duties.

Article V

Section One: RASS meets in September, November, February and May. These meeting dates may be changed by a simple majority vote of the RASS Advisory Board.

Section Two: Meetings of the Advisory Board will be called by the President as deemed necessary. RASS business can be conducted by e-mail at the sole discretion of the President.

Article VI

Section One: The officers of RASS are President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary/ Treasurer.

Section Two: The term of office for officers is two years starting at the end of the Spring meeting.

Section Three: The President and Vice-President/President Elect may serve no more than one consecutive term. All other Officers may serve consecutive terms.

Article VII
Duties of Officers

Section One: The President: Acts as a liaison to the LACONI Administrators Section and as liaison to the website administrator. Chairs the Advisory Board. Prepares and distributes meeting schedule and roster to committee members. Attends organizational meeting to set program schedule with Administrator’s Section. May introduce speakers at programs. Plans annual programming meeting (to be held after Spring program). Recruits members for Programming Committee. Sends acknowledgement letters to former Officers and Programming Committee members. Summarizes evaluation and prepares report. Presides at the business portion of the Membership meetings.

Section Two: The Vice-President/President Elect: Serves on the Advisory Board. Oversees online program registration and program invitations to the RASS LACONI mailing list. Prepares minutes of annual program meeting. Handles publicity to various library systems, including social media. Chairs the Program Planning Committee. At the end of the term, becomes President of LACONI RASS.

Section Three: Treasurer: Prepares Treasurer’s Report. Handles financial transactions. Prepares budget with President and President-Elect.  Prepares reports upon request.

Section Four: Secretary: Records minutes of business meetings Keeps membership list. Handles program surveys/evaluations and correspondence. Serves on and records actions of the Advisory Board.

Article VIII

Section One: Candidates Advisory Board candidates must be selected from members of the LACONI RASS.

Section Two: The election will be held at the Spring meeting. The results will be announced at the conclusion of the Spring meeting.

Article IX

Each member Library or Personal member of the LACONI RASS will have one vote on questions brought to the membership meeting by the Advisory Board. All questions will be decided by majority vote.

Article X

Section One: Banking .The monies of the LACONI RASS are deposited in a bank convenient for the Secretary/Treasurer.

Section Two: Secretary/Treasurer’s Responsibility. The Treasurer will issue payment, collect dues and funds in accordance with the decisions of the Advisory Board.

Article XI
Adoption and Agreement of the By-laws

The Advisory Board may perform annual reviews of the By-laws. Proposed amendments to the By-laws must be submitted in writing to the Advisory Board for consideration and discussion. The Advisory Board will vote on any proposal and present their results to the membership.

Last Update: 5/26/2016