updated 9-6-2012

(These bylaws are pending approval by vote at the next LACONI-OPP general program)



Library Administrator’s Council of Northern Illinois

Outreach/Promotion/Programming Section


Article I


The name of this section shall be the Library Administrator’s Council of Northern Illinois Outreach/Promotion/Programming section (LACONI – Outreach/Promotion/Programming).

The purpose of this non-profit group is to promote and provide continuing education for library personnel involved in public relations and programming serving all library users, including those reached by non-traditional means.


Article II

Goals and Objectives

The LACONI-Outreach/Promotion/Programming section was formed with the following goals:

To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas for library personnel involved in outreach, promotion and programming for adults.

To provide a source of continuing education by engaging experts from within and outside the library profession.

To promote awareness of community needs and methods of analysis so that patrons’ needs may be more easily identified and met.

To assist in the development of public relations and outreach skills.


Article III


The LACONI-Outreach/Promotion/Programming section shall have the power to obtain, invest, retain and disperse funds for advancing the purpose of the section as outlined in Article I and the goals and objectives as outlined in Article II.


Article IV


Membership shall be renewed annually and enacted by payment of the membership fee as it is recommended by the Administrative section of LACONI.

Application for membership shall be made on a form provided by LACONI and shall be accompanied by the dues payment.


Article V


The membership dues for the current operating year will be collected by the Administrative section.

All dues-paying members will be entered onto a LACONI membership list by the Administration section treasurer.

The amount of membership dues for the section will be determined before the beginning of the operating year at a meeting of a majority of the officers of the section.


Article VI

Board Officers and Membership

The officers of the section, henceforth called the Executive Committee, shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary/publicity chairman, and a treasurer.

The terms of office of all officers elected shall be for two years. Terms shall commence following the adjournment of the last program on each evenly numbered year.

The Board consists of these officers and up to five additional representatives of the LACONI-OPP membership New members are recruited by current members of the Board.


Article VII

Duties of Board

The president shall be chairperson of the Executive Committee. The president shall preside over all meetings of the section. The president shall appoint alternates in the event of a vacancy in one or more of the elected positions. At the end of the president’s term of office, she/he shall serve as an advisor to the Executive Committee and attend all meetings of the Executive Committee during the two-year term immediately following.

The vice president shall assume the duties of the president in the absence of that officer. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of the president, the vice president shall serve as president until the next election period.

The secretary/publicity chairman shall keep the minutes of all business and program meetings of the section as a whole and shall make copies of the minutes of executive meetings available to the executive members. She/he shall also prepare and mail out to the membership all publicity concerning meetings and functions of the section.

The treasurer shall gather, collect and maintain a record of all funds of the section. The expenditure of section funds shall be done with the approval of the president and the knowledge of the treasurer. The treasurer shall regularly report to the Board and membership the status of the section’s account.

The officers and Board members will plan and ensure the effective delivery of no less than four meetings for each operating year.


Article VIII


Program meetings shall be scheduled in accordance with the Bylaws of the Administrative section of LACONI.

Dates for program meetings will be planned by the Executive Committee and shared with all LACONI sections.

Board meetings shall be determined by the Executive Committee and scheduled as needed.


Article IX


Officers failing to fulfill the responsibilities of their office in accordance with their prescribed duties may be removed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.


Article X


These bylaws may be amended or changed by a majority of the voting membership of the section at a date and time designated by the Board.

Any changes to the Bylaws may be made no more frequently than once every four years.



Last revised:  9/6/12