LACONI Middle Managers Section Bylaws

ARTICLE I.               NAME

The name of this organization will be LACONI Middle Managers Section (MMS).

ARTICLE II.              PURPOSE

The purpose of LACONI MMS will be to provide mid-level managers in libraries with opportunities for networking and continuing education, with at least four workshops per year.


Section 1.            LACONI Membership.  Membership in LACONI is by institution, or in the case of a school, by school district.

Section 2.            Geographic Regions.  The entire geographic area of RAILS is served by LACONI, which encompasses the northern Illinois region with Chicago and the former library systems of: Prairie Area, North Suburban, Metropolitan and DuPage.

Section 3.            Fees.  The LACONI fiscal year is June 1 through May 31.  Fees for membership shall be set by the officers of LACONI Administrators Section. Dues will be collected by the Administrators’ Section no later than November 1 annually. No pro-rated membership fee is allowed.


Section 1. Meeting Schedules.

LACONI MMS workshops are scheduled at least four times per year.  The program year is September through May.  Workshops may be followed by a networking meeting for members.  These meeting dates may be changed by a simple majority vote of the LACONI MMS board.  These dates will not conflict with membership meetings and programs of other LACONI sections.

Section 2. Meetings of officers will be held at the President’s discretion.


Section 1.            Officers.
The officers of the LACONI MMS will be President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President.

Section 2.            Term of Office.
The term of office for President is one year commencing at the end of the Spring meeting.

The term of office for the Vice-President/President Elect is one year commencing at the end of the Spring meeting.

The term of office for Secretary is two years, commencing at the end of the Spring meeting.

The term of office for Treasurer is two years, commencing at the end of the Spring meeting.

The term of office for Past President is one year, commencing at the end of the Spring meeting.

Section 3. No officer may serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.  For continuity purposes, the secretary and treasurer may serve multiple terms if so desired.


Section 1.            President

  • Acts as liaison to LACONI Administrators Section
  • Chairs Planning Committee
  • Presides at business meetings

Section 2.            Vice-President/President Elect

  • Serves on Planning Committee
  • At end of term, becomes President of LACONI MMS

Section 3.            Secretary

  • Elected in odd years
  • Serves on Planning Committee
  • Records minutes of business meetings and distributes to the Planning Committee
  • Prepares registration information for programs
  • Keeps membership list
  • Handles correspondence
  • Acts as historian/archivist
  • Records actions of the Planning Committee

Section 4.            Treasurer

  • Elected in even years
  • Serves on Planning Committee
  • Prepares Treasurer’s Report
  • Handles financial transactions

Section 5.            Past President

  • Serves on Planning Committee


Section 1.            Membership.
The Planning Committee will consist of the Executive Committee and LACONI MMS members.  The Committee will consist of representatives from each of the former Illinois library systems, as well as representatives of different library departments (reference, children’s, technical services, circulation, etc.)

Section 2.            Conduct of Meetings

The President will conduct meetings of the Board and the business portion of the Membership meetings. The Vice-President/President Elect will function in the absence of the President.

Section 3.            Special Positions

Website liaison.

  • The website liaison is a volunteer position available to any Planning Committee member.
  • Term of the position is at the discretion of the volunteer and the Planning Committee.


Section 1.            Ballots will be included with the announcement for the Spring meeting, giving all members an opportunity to vote. If candidates run unopposed, no ballot is required. Election results will be announced at the Spring meeting.

Section 2.            In case of a Board vacancy, the President may or may not appoint a replacement to fill the remainder of the term, subject to Board approval.


Each member Library or personal member of the LACONI MMS will have one vote on questions brought to the membership by the Planning Committee. All questions will be decided by a majority vote.


Section 1             Banking

The finances of the LACONI MMS are deposited in a bank convenient for the Treasurer.

Section 2             Treasurer’s Responsibility

The Treasurer will issue payment, collect dues and funds in accordance with the decisions of the Planning Committee.


Amendments.  A biennial review of the By-laws will be performed by the Planning Committee.

Recommendations will be brought to the Planning Committee.

Proposed amendments to the By-laws must be submitted in writing to the Planning Committee for consideration and discussion.

The Planning Committee will vote upon any proposal and present their results to the membership.


Approved by the membership November 1, 2013