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Technology Program: Content Strategy for Library Websites

Content strategy for library websites from Content Company

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design


Shift Happens!

February 2nd: How Did They Do That? The Importance of Documenting the Creative Process

Video links:

George Poulos – Photography
Jim Nelson – Video
Mike Byrne – Working with Audio
Kevin Korst – Local History Collections

View the slides from the December 1st program on Content Management Systems

WordPress Tip Sheet

Joomla Tip Sheet

Pictures from Top Technology Trends with keynote speaker Jason Griffey.


Vendor Presentations:

Download the Presentation by Borders

View the slides from the February 3rd program on Inventory & Asset Management and Disaster Planning.

Presenter Information:

Jeff Lewandowski
IT Coordinator
Hinsdale Public Library

Patrick Ferguson
Sikich LLP
T: 630.566.8523

Mark Wilson – President
Imperative Planning
Office: 630-780-2273

View the slides from the October 7th program on Top Technology Trends.

Cloud Computing: A Primer and Libraries Going Mobile: An Introduction
Howcasts: Instructional Videos for Library Users
View more presentations from jeffl79.
Note: If you are interested in more information on the CardStar App you can contact me at jlewandowski(at)
View more presentations from Darren Thompson.

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