Program Wrap-Up: Libraries as Creative Spaces

Jul 24th, 2012 | By | Category: Technology Blog

On April 20, the Laconi Technology Group organized an event at the Fountaindale Public Library to discuss ways of transforming the library into a creative space.

The first speaker was Karen McBride, currently the Public Information Manager of the Barrington Public Library, who talked about various ways to use a digital media lab to connect the library with the community. Creating content within the library for outside groups would help reinforce the connection between the library and available technology and services. Examples included: working with the Chamber of Commerce to create small, non-commercial videos highlighting local businesses; and working with a local historical society to digitize photos and other key ephemera related to the community’s history. McBride also stressed the importance of identifying interests and passions among the library’s staff members to encourage creation and use of the digital media lab across the board.

Second on the agenda was Paul Mills, director of the Fountaindale Public Library, who graciously hosted this event and opened his library to Laconi participants. Fountaindale is in the process of creating a digital media lab in the basement of their building, and Mills talked about the various items and technology that they were installing in their lab, including professional recording studio equipment and filming equipment. Also included in the discussion was how to involve staff in the building process — field trips to Fry’s, brainstorming signage solutions, etc.


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